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WineASIO Through the CMake Build System

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WineASIO has historically been difficult to use. This is primarily for three reasons:

  • The licensing of the Steinberg ASIO SDK makes it difficult for package maintainers to distribute it.
  • It's poorly maintained, not having had an update in quite some time.
  • The Makefiles are poor quality, requiring much manual intervention to get a result.

I'm very enthusiastic about pro audio on Linux because I'm a Linux enthusiast but also a guitarist in my other life. I love composing, recording, mixing, and mastering. Because many of the best audio effects plugins are Windows only, a Linux user is forced to use the combination of Wine/WineASIO/Jack.

The challenge was massive, but I pulled it off. Each time I came back to use it, however, I'd have to rebuild it. Perhaps I was on a different machine, or Gentoo had updated Wine. There had to be a simpler way, so I set out to solve 1.5 of the above problems. The half is bullet #2. I can keep up on minor changes to keep it building against modern versions of Wine. The last bullet I knew I could do something about, so I wrote a CMakeLists.txt that would bootstrap the ASIO SDK and build/install WineASIO.

Please, take it for a spin! Open PRs, give me feed back. Do whatever else you want to do with it, and most importantly, have fun with it. It's built primarily with Gentoo in mind, but should work will little modification on any other Linux distro.