FromNow Logo (Take 1)


FromNow Logo - First Sketch

I'm no graphic designer. I would say I'm not succeeding at making the new FromNow application icon. It looks satisfying large, but scale it down to an icon size and it's terrible. Sure, I could blame KDE/Plasma5's lack of anti-aliasing/filtering on icons in certain parts of the desktop, but I feel this is an indication the icon doesn't scale well.

My old 90s Paint Shop Pro obsession with blurred speckles via the noise generator has struck again. I did all of my graphics this way back then. I didn't really succeed at adding texture this way this time, and considering the wild shift toward few colors and flat UI in icons these days, I don't know that it was the best move.

All of this said, I think the clock with the phantom hand conveys the idea well of what FromNow is meant to be. When I go back to the drawing board, I think that's the one aspect I will hang on to (unless someone can suggest a better idea).