About Herb


Programming Languages
Professional Personal
  • C++ (4 years)
  • C# (1 year)
  • Python (1 year)
  • PHP (5 years)
  • Javascript (5 years)
  • Bash (5 years)
  • C++ (23 years)
  • Bash (7 years)
  • VB.NET (2 years)
  • Vala

Software Journey Through the Years


Began teaching myself C++ back in the days of Microsoft Visual Studio 1.0 and hard copies of thick reference books from brick and mortar book stores.


Wrote a C++ Win32 wrapper class library called WinDidly and started similar wrapper for DirectX called GlunkDX.


Wrote a web scraping tool called The Sentinel using above mentioned WinDidly library.

Wrote a cheat bot called Killapse for casual web game Collapse. Used Spy++ to determine the window name and read pixel colors from screen using Win32 API calls to determine when to send a click to the window.


Learned php working on various projects called "integrations," taking 3rd party data via REST APIs and converting it into a to digital-singage-friendly format delivered as web content.


Learning Python, a long over exercise.