About "The Company"

Sky-Meyg Software is my platform for sharing my software creations with the world.


Sky-Meyg was a childhood dream. The logo is inspired by the original blue Blizzard Entertainment logo. I was always impressed with the artistic and polished way video games often presented themselves, and wanted to present my own creations in then same format.

Learning to write computer programs (before we had fancy terms like "developer" and "software engineer") deepened my desire to start my own software company. I wanted to write video games, of course. I dreamed of having my logo scroll across the user's screen as the story, and thus their immersion, began. I often drove my friends crazy recruiting them to design teams for the various projects I had in mind.


Starting a software company was way over my head. Projects always requied resources I didn't have. Sometimes those resources were funds. Sometimes they were equipment. Most often, they were people. Finding a good pixel artist was a huge challenge (finding a pixel artist at all, really).

As time has gone on, I've since discovered I have no ability to run a company of my own and have no desire to be an entrepreneur. I'm also no longer a "gamer," and the gaming industry has changed into something I no longer wish to contribute to. Nonetheless, I do still love to code and create experiences in software.

Finally settling on life goals was the final nail in the coffin of Sky-Meyg Software "the company." My volunteer work is my career, and it leaves no time for investing in what would become an anchor. Over the years, I've watch people become tied down to the business they started and that just isn't for me.


So, while Sky-Meyg Software never became a company, it remained a "thing" in my mind, of some sort. Today, I have the skills and resources to make it real, so I've brought it into existence, despite it not being what I originally envisioned. It's my way of staying true to myself and seeing an adventure I started long ago through to the end.

Sky-Meyg, the real Sky-Meyg that actually exists, is more of a project title. It's a name under which I package and distribute my art, much like how some musicians release music under a project name or writers operate under a pen name.